• The Pays-de-la-Loire tourism observatory carried out a survey of 1,500 professionals.

  • The outdoor hotel industry is having a very good season in this region.

    Unlike the previous summer.

They had known a summer of 2020 not far from being "catastrophic". And the continuation of the health crisis, coupled with frankly disappointing weather, did not bode well this year. However, the campsites in the Pays-de-la-Loire region are experiencing a "fine tourist season" in 2021. The regional tourism observatory, which has just carried out a survey of 1,500 professionals, even considers them to be the "big winners" of summer.

“They were able to adapt completely and found the customers who had turned away from it last year.

And despite the still few foreign tourists, some are recording a level of attendance close to 2019, which was a record year, ”notes Cécile Onillon-Patron, head of the regional tourism observatory.

“Campsites offer particularly good value for money in times of crisis.

They have been very modernized and present a range of services and activities that are often included in the price, ”adds Nicolas Charrier, president of the regional federation of outdoor hotels.

Foreign tourists are lacking

On closer inspection, it is above all on the coast (one in two establishments in the region) and close to towns that the success is significant, with mixed results in rural campsites.

"The rental units [mobile homes, bungalows, cabins, etc.] have done very well," says Nicolas Charrier.

Like the lodges, they offer private comfort, including for large families, since there are more and more mobile homes with four bedrooms.


Tent pitches, on the other hand, recorded a significant decrease.

Due to the weather on the one hand, but also to the absence of foreigners.

“They are usually wanted by the Germans, the Dutch and, above all, the British.

The latter are almost absent this year, ”explains Nicolas Charrier.

Cycle tourism and unusual accommodation

Among the trends that contribute to the success of campsites, the rise of cycle tourism, especially along the Loire, and the attraction of unusual accommodation (perched huts, trailers, bubbles, etc.), the offer of which is constantly growing.

And then there is the equipment.

“Campsites reinvest a lot each year and the level of equipment has increased a lot overall, says Nicolas Charrier, explains the president of the regional federation of outdoor hotels.

The catering is upscale, there are spa services, massages, impressive aquatic centers.

Many campsites look like vacation clubs where you don't have to go out.


The Pays-de-la-Loire region has around 660 campsites.

More than half of them are in Vendée.


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Contrasting results

Beyond the campsites, the overall tourist attendance for the summer of 2021 in Pays-de-la-Loire is better than in 2020 and “satisfactory” in view of the context, estimates the regional tourism observatory.

The average tourist expenditure has even increased slightly.

However, this observation must be qualified because many cafes and restaurants report a drop in attendance this summer due to the health pass.

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