A 90-year-old defendant, who was accused of causing a runaway car in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, killing his mother and children, and seriously injuring nine people, will be sentenced by the Tokyo District Court on the 2nd.

Defendant has pleaded not guilty to driving mistakes, and the court's decision is noteworthy.

In April, a car went out of control in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

▽ Mana Matsunaga (31) and her

eldest daughter Riko (3) died and

nine people were seriously injured. (90) is accused of accidental driving fatal injury.

At the trial, the issue was whether or not there was a mistake in driving, and the prosecutor's office sentenced him to seven years' imprisonment, which is the upper limit of the law, saying that "there is no doubt that he continued to step on the accelerator by mistake for braking."

On the other hand, Defendant Iizuka and his defense have pleaded not guilty, saying, "I have no memory of mistakenly stepping on the accelerator and brake. It is probable that something was wrong with the vehicle."

Mr. Takuya Matsunaga, who lost his wife and daughter, also participated in the hearing and complained, "I don't think the defendant is facing life or the bereaved family. I hope that the maximum punishment will be given by law."

This accident triggered a renewed attention to the problem of elderly drivers, and the number of people who returned their driver's licenses in the year of the accident reached a record high, especially among the elderly, which had a major impact on society.

The judgment will be handed down at the Tokyo District Court at 2:00 pm.

What the bereaved family said before the decision ...

Takuya Matsunaga (35), who lost his wife Mana and daughter Riko, sees the decision on the 2nd as "a milestone for living forward."

Mr. Matsunaga, who responded to the interview before the decision, said, "It is a complicated feeling because the lives of the two people will not return and the daily life will not return even if the decision is issued. However, we bereaved families will look forward from now on. I think it will be an opportunity to live, so I think it will be a milestone. "

In the trial, which lasted about a year, Mr. Matsunaga participated in the hearing using the victim participation system, and asked the defendant directly and made a statement of opinion.

Looking back on their memories and accidents and facing the defendant who claimed innocence was a heavy mental burden, but he said he was glad to participate.

Mr. Matsunaga said, "I felt that the hardest part of the victim participation system was that the defendant did not say what he wanted. Still, the fact that we did what the bereaved family could do is important. I don't know what the outcome will be and whether the trial will continue, but I think we can say "I did what I could do" in the future, no matter what the outcome. "

On the 27th of last month, Mr. Matsunaga updated his blog the day after his birthday.

The article entitled "Love Your Family" contains a video given by Mana and Riko on Matsunaga's birthday four years ago.

Two people waving with a smile, "Dad, Happy Birthday".

"I want many people to feel the reality of a traffic accident by looking at the photos and videos they had when they were alive. And if they could prevent even one accident by going around, they would be proud when they were dead. I feel like I can meet you. "

I don't want a tragic accident to happen again.

For that reason, Mr. Matsunaga said that he wanted a strict judgment, "I want you to atone for your sins. I want you to fight properly and just keep them calm."