There are some who have managed to make the most of the time spent in confinement.

This is the case of Elton John who announced Wednesday the release on October 16 of his brand new album.

As the name suggests,

The Lockdown Sessions

was made while the people of the United Kingdom were locked in their homes to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 16-track album features ten new songs including collaborations with artists such as Dua Lipa, Gorillaz, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks.

Zoom recording sessions

“The last thing I expected to do while in lockdown was make an album. But, as the pandemic progressed, one-off projects arose, ”said Sir Elton. "Some of the recording sessions had to be done remotely, via Zoom, which I had obviously never done before," said the performer of "Your Song" and "Candle in the Wind". Other sessions “were recorded following very strict safety rules, working with another artist, but separated by glass screens”.

"But all the songs I worked on were really interesting and diverse, stuff completely different from anything I'm known for, stuff that took me out of my comfort zone (to go) into some territory. completely new, ”he described.

End of career in 2022

Elton John will bid farewell to Europe and North America in 2022. The 74-year-old singer began his farewell tour, dubbed "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" in 2018, with more than 300 dates in three years across the world before it was disrupted by the health context linked to the coronavirus pandemic

The tour will begin in May 2022 in Frankfurt (Germany) and will end six months later in Los Angeles after having crossed Europe, passing notably through Milan, Paris and Liverpool, then North America.


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