At least 32 people were killed in a bus accident in Peru, including two children.

Around 20 other occupants were injured when the bus fell down a cliff on Tuesday, police said.

It was the third traffic accident with several deaths in Peru within four days.

According to the authorities, there were 63 people in the crashed bus.

Among the fatalities are a six-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl, the police said.

The search and rescue operation to rescue corpses and possible survivors continues.

The serious bus accident occurred around 60 kilometers east of Peru's capital Lima.

According to police, the bus drove at "high speed" before it hit a rock and fell around 200 meters.

The bus driver who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident was killed.

His colleague was arrested.

When traveling overland, the buses are always manned by two drivers who take turns.

Serious traffic accidents occur time and again in Peru. It was only on Sunday that two boats collided on the Amazon. According to the latest information on Tuesday, 22 people were killed. Two days earlier, a bus crashed into a ravine in the south-east of the country, killing 17 people.