An American broadcasting technical staff visiting Japan at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was arrested by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police for hiding cannabis.

It means that he denied the charges that he was "not mine" in response to the investigation.

The person arrested was Reynolds Conroy Dave, a 54-year-old American broadcast engineer.

According to police, on August 31, he was suspected of violating the Cannabis Control Law, alleging that he had hidden about 2 grams of cannabis in his hotel room in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Yokohama Customs officials found liquid cannabis in a parcel that arrived from the United States on August 11, replaced the contents, and tracked the delivery address, which Reynolds received. ..

Then, when I checked the room of the hotel where I was staying, I found cannabis in the closet.

According to police, he denied the charges by stating, "I thought the parcel was a cigarette. The cannabis in the hotel room was not mine."

Since I have been in Japan since April for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the police are investigating the details.