While the drama 'DP', which was released on Netflix on the 27th, is getting a hot response, rapper Mamison answered the question of netizens asking about the life or death of the character in the play.

On the 31st of last month, Mamison posted on Instagram, "Stop asking me if Seokbong is dead."

In the accompanying photo, there was an article related to the next work of actor Jo Hyeon-cheol, who played a passionate role as Private Jo Seok-bong in the Netflix drama 'DP'.

Actor Jo Hyun-cheol captivated many viewers by perfectly portraying 'Jo Seok-bong', who is gradually changing due to continuous assault and harassment in the military.

As interest in the drama grew, some netizens poured out questions about the drama even to Jo Hyun-cheol's older brother, and his older brother was Mad Clown.

Mami Son is a rapper who wears a pink mask and does not reveal her face, but netizens are guessing that Mami Son is the Mad Clown.

However, Mad Clown did not externally acknowledge that Mami Son is a 'secondary character', but in response to this netizen's question, he responded by leaving a post saying, "Stop asking me, Seokbong."

Mad Clown mentioned his younger brother Hyun-cheol Jo in a broadcast last year. At the time, when he said that they were similar not only in appearance but also in voice, he provoked laughter by saying, "We don't look alike at all."

In an interview with a media outlet, Jo Hyun-cheol was asked if he liked Mad Clown's rap, and he replied, "I don't like rapping very much.

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