• In Montpellier, the Tourist Office launched a special visit “Un si grand soleil”.

  • Magali, guide lecturer and dresser and costume designer on the daily series of France 2 offers to discover the places where the program is filmed.

  • We learn lots of anecdotes about the shooting, and about the history of the city.

While walking the streets of the Escutcheon, a small group marvels, discovering the places where the heroes of

Un si grand soleil

have their habits. Since the beginning of the summer, the Montpellier Tourist Office (Hérault), overwhelmed by the requests of fans of the program, has launched a guided tour dedicated to the soap opera of France 2, toured since 2018 in the Hérault capital.

It is Magali who leads the curious to the most popular filming spots in the series: Peyrou, where Léa and Théo met for the first time, the Place de la Canourgue, the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade or the Saint-Côme hotel.

Using a tablet, this tour guide compares the images of the soap opera with the monuments of the city.

Among the visitors this morning, there are a few people from Montpellier, but also people from Strasbourg, Lyonnais, Lorraine… Lots of fans, some of whom know the series by heart.

“Some people remember absolutely everything, down to the smallest detail.

I remember a boy, who was returning to fourth grade, who remembered the name of a villain in season 1, incredible!

», Smiles the guide.

“Me, I watch all the series!


But this visit doesn't just attract fans.

“There are also people who have never seen the series, especially people from Montpellier, who want to know more about the shootings that take place at home.

And others, who just want to learn a little more behind the scenes of a shoot.

»But Magali is not a tour guide like the others: she is also one of the dressers and costume designers of

Un si grand soleil.


So, inevitably, the little tour of the Escutcheon is teeming with explanations behind the scenes.

We learn how to work with a green background, how to avoid false connections or shoot at the Lunaret Zoo… without scaring the giraffes!

We also discover, among other anecdotes, that the dog of the Bastide villa, Chocolat, is none other than the doggie of the real owner of the house.

These funny stories, Juliette, do not miss a beat. An unconditional fan of the series from the first hour, this ex-Lyonnaise, who has just moved to the region, is delighted to go to the other side of the screen. “Me, I watch all the series! And discovering the backstage, it's always nice, says the young woman. And it also allows you to discover the city of Montpellier. Because in this tour offered by the Tourist Office, we also review the history of the Hérault capital. We talk about prestigious doctors who were trained at the Faculty of Medicine, or Louis XIV, and the Arc de Triomphe, erected to his glory ... "Louis XIV, you would compare him to which character in the series? »« Elisabeth! », Drop, in chorus, most of the visitors, pointing out without hesitation the pitiless patroness.And when the small procession passes close to the faculty of medicine, some hasten to question the guide on the fate of another character, tempted by the prestigious training. " I will not tell anything ! », Smiles the guide.

"That people who walk in town say to themselves" Hey, that, I saw it, in such or such episode ", it is very satisfying, confided, in July, Toma de Matteis, the creator of the series.

If people travel, and come to the shooting locations, it is because the series should count for them.

"More than won over by the visit, fans of

Un si grand soleil

have only one regret: that we cannot enter the France Télévisions studios in Vendargues.

" Where is it exactly ?

», Dares to ask a lady, the guide, who will come out with a pirouette, without revealing anything.

Because for the moment, welcoming fans on the sets, in the depths of the industrial zone, is not planned.

All the information about this guided tour is here.


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