, August 31. Today, Dragon TV’s music variety show "Our Song" released the concept poster for the third season. The show uses singers of different generations to find each other through their voices, paired together to create and adapt the golden song of the times.


  In 2019, "Our Song" was broadcast for the first time, and the two seasons of the program have gained the attention and love of countless viewers.

The new combination of senior singers and new singers brought a lot of surprises to the audience, from the tragic and moving "Moon Serenade" to the affectionate and euphemistic "Night of the Army Port" to the martial arts "The Great Wall Never Fall" ", opening up new ideas for the development of Chinese music.

  New and old singers are undoubtedly full of emotions when singing on the same stage, and what is even more touching is that while the new singers are learning from their predecessors' role models, the predecessors are also actively approaching, understanding, and trying new styles of music. Glow another new kind of musical vitality.

  It is reported that this season of "Our Song" will further expand the range of singers, from the predecessor singers in the Chinese music circle to the backbone to the new wave, three generations of singers will learn from each other on the same stage.

  The show will be broadcast on Dragon TV every Sunday at 21 o'clock from September 19th.