Recently, the Harbin police successfully destroyed a full-chain "money laundering" telecommunications network fraud criminal gang across Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, destroyed 6 criminal dens, arrested 29 criminal suspects, seized 51 mobile phones and bank cards involved in the case. More than 300 copies, involving a total of nearly 10 million yuan.

  It is reported that since 2021, the Harbin Public Security Bureau has always maintained a high-pressure situation against telecommunication network fraud crimes. It has arrested 2,403 suspects involved in fraud, cracked 4 cases of the Ministry of Supervision, and 30 cases of the Provincial Supervisor, and destroyed a number of local cases. Money laundering dens effectively dealt with crimes involving mobile phone cards and bank cards.

At the same time, it actively carried out publicity and prevention work, popularized anti-fraud knowledge, and actively promoted the "Golden Bell" prevention mini program. At present, more than 4.12 million people have been protected, and 345,000 early warning messages have been sent to the masses in the form of meetings, phone calls, and text messages. More than 9.4 million yuan in losses were recovered.

  (Producing Zhou Zhibo)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]