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rains a lot. A heavy rain advisory is currently in effect for the metropolitan area, Chungnam, and Gangwon, including Seoul, and it is said that more than 200mm of rain is pouring until today (the 1st). Contact the meteorological center to learn more about rain conditions.

Jeon So-young Caster, please tell me.

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weather center.

It has been raining heavily since yesterday afternoon, mainly in the central region.

Even now, if you look at the radar image, strong rain clouds are concentrated in the central region, and it is expected that the rain will get thicker during the night.

In the future, strong rain of up to 70mm per hour with thunder and lightning may fall in the central region until this morning, and in Jeollabuk-do and North Gyeongsang between dawn and daytime. A warning is in effect and the heavy rain warning area is expected to expand further in the future.

From yesterday to the present, accumulated precipitation of more than 100mm has been recorded in Gangnam, Seoul.

From now on, heavy rains of more than 250mm may fall in many places in Chungcheong-do, and over 200mm in Seoul and southern Gyeonggi, southern Gangwon and Gyeongbuk.

The rain will gradually stop from the central region during the day, and the wind is also very strong around the coast, so be careful not to damage it.