"Double reduction" landing is the best "school opening ceremony"

  In the past summer vacation, a series of education policies were intensively introduced and quickly implemented, letting everyone see the country's determination to implement the "double reduction" policy.

Starting from September 1, elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens in most areas across the country will open normally. As the first semester for the implementation of "double reduction" in primary and secondary schools, the implementation of "double reduction" will be the best gift for students and parents. "School Opening Ceremony".

  The Ministry of Education previously stated that the “double reduction” supervision has been listed as the “No. 1 Project” of the education supervision work in 2021.

It is foreseeable that the implementation of the "double reduction" policy will be very strict in the future.

In the recent special rectification actions, various localities have resolutely dealt with a number of violations, including teachers making up for lessons in violation of the regulations, running schools without a license, training institutions illegally charging fees, issuing false advertisements, and colluding with functional departments inside and outside, and dereliction of duty in supervision.

Facing the complicated situation and identifying the crux of the problem, the "double reduction" policy has taken a positive step. We look forward to the continued implementation of the new semester and further strengthen people's confidence.

  In the new semester, students and parents are also waiting for the positive changes in the school.

At present, the compulsory education schools emphasized by the Ministry of Education are "not allowed to set up key classes in any name", "cannot increase or decrease class hours, change difficulty, adjust progress at will, and cannot use after-school service hours to teach new classes", and it is strictly forbidden to arrange or disguise for parents. Assigning homework, not requiring students to approve and modify their homework” directly responds to the “slots” and “blocking points” that students and parents are concerned about, and further regulates the school’s education and teaching discipline and management regulations.

  It is worth mentioning that under the background of "double reduction", Beijing and other places have taken greater steps to clearly promote a large proportion of cadre and teacher rotation exchanges, and provide a realistic plan for "high-quality and balanced school education".

Although this is only an exploration at the local level, it represents an attitude of positive action.

In the future, running every school well, allowing every student to receive a fair and high-quality education, and creating a good education ecology will be the mission of educators in the new era.

  Of course, the new semester will inevitably bring new "anxiety."

How can students achieve all-round development after "double reduction", and how can parents cooperate?

How do teachers adapt to the new teaching situation and how do schools implement policies?

These question marks all require a prudent plan, a positive attitude and better coordination to straighten them.

This inevitably puts forward higher requirements on the management ability of the school, the teaching ability and the sense of responsibility of the teachers.

Behind the word "decrease", the "increase" that parents look forward to most is the improvement of the quality of school education.

  As the family is the first school in life, and parents are the children’s "first teachers", helping them to buckle the first button in life, they need to take responsibility, cultivate students' good study habits, and work with the school to care for them. Embark on a better road to life.

  (Bai Jiali, commentator of this newspaper)