Wilfried N'Sondé, will the daughter of Africa save Mother Earth?

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Wilfried N'Sondé publishes "Woman of the sky and the storms" with the Actes Sud editions © Legattaz

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Did the peoples of Siberia have ancestors from Africa?

The novelist Wilfried N'Sondé returns with a thrilling adventure novel that mixes themes as diverse as respect for nature, transmission between peoples, the links between the visible and invisible world.


Wilfired N'Sondé's

new novel

offers an astonishing gallery of characters.

An anthropologist of Congolese origin, a German-Japanese forensic scientist, a Nenets shaman, a French zoologist, a cruel Russian mafioso and his henchman, or three dogs named Stalin, Castro and Mao.

All these characters animate the new book entitled "Woman of the sky and the storms".

An adventure between past, present and future, between visible and invisible worlds, in the Far North and in the heart of the human being.

An adventure novel that questions modernity and ecology, our relationship to the world and to nature.

"Woman of the sky and the storms", the new novel by Wilfried N'Sondé has been published by Actes Sud editions.


direction Argentina, where the complete collection of the adventures of Asterix is ​​reissued in Spanish, with a new and improved translation, which tries to better capture the humor of René Goscinny's bubbles.

Initiative of a great admirer of Asterix's father, whom we must not forget that he spent his childhood and adolescence in Buenos Aires, as our correspondent

Jean-Louis Buchet

reminds us


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