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What does Hamdan bin Mohammed dislike?

And why?

Sami Al Riyami


August 31, 2021

Many people know the love and passion of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, may God protect him, for sports. He is a first-class athlete. He loves all kinds, types and forms. It is one of his daily priorities, and he hardly leaves it. , but few know that His Highness does not like table salt, and he never likes to make it a part of his daily meals, so why?

Certainly table salt is something harmful to health, most of us have this information, but most of us do not realize that its harm is very great, perhaps greater than expected, and that there are many countries that wage campaigns and wars against table salt, and try hard to spread awareness and societal culture by reducing its intake, in addition to forcing Restaurants and food stores should reduce its use in all types of food, as it is a major cause of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

In 2015, the New York City Council launched the “National Salt Initiative” campaign, a joint public-private project, aimed at reducing the proportion of sodium salt consumed across the country, by an average of 25%. Do you know how much the city is expected to save in 2015? The health field, if this campaign succeeds?

The amount ranges between 10 and 24 billion dollars, especially since studies indicate that more than 90% of the American people consume more salt than the normal level, which leads to the possibility of developing high pressure and heart diseases.

Table salt is considered one of the most important factors causing high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, as statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that the death rate from cardiovascular disease reaches approximately 42% in many countries, and it is estimated that reducing the consumption of table salt Daily 10 to 5 grams reduces the overall stroke rate by 23%, and cardiovascular disease rates by 17%.

At the conference of the European Heart Association, a very important study was presented on the use of salt in eating, the study is coming from China, and on a very large number of patients, their number reached 20 thousand patients, they were divided into two groups: The first group used the regular salt that most of us use, which is chemically known with sodium chloride, and the second group used an alternative salt known chemically as “potassium chloride”.

All of these patients had a previous history of stroke and brain haemorrhage or had high blood pressure, and after nearly five years of follow-up of these patients, the incidence of strokes and death, as well as acute heart attacks, was found in the salt substitute group ( Potassium chloride) was significantly lower, compared to the other group, who used regular salt (NaCl)!

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Hamdan bin Muhammad, who is a healthy and athletic person with distinction, hates table salt, and it is not surprising that countries fight it, and seek to develop and implement strategies to reduce its intake, and it is not surprising that these strategies succeeded in different countries around the world, and this led To reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure, and the burden of cardiovascular disease, and was able to save billions of dollars, in addition to maintaining the health and safety of its citizens.



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