On Sunday evening, the first episode of the new season of

Expedition Robinson was

broadcast, in which a twist was immediately visible.

In addition to the eighteen new participants, eight former participants return, who are staying on another island in Croatia.

NU.nl lists them for you.

The eighteen

Expedition Robinson

contestants announced

in recent weeks are unaware of the return of these eight contestants from previous seasons.

RTL announces in a press release that the participants in the game come together automatically.

Anouk Maas

Musical actress Anouk Maas has appeared in productions such as





The Sound of Music


The television viewing public may also know her from

Good Times, Bad Times

, in which she played a role from 2017 to 2019.

She also previously participated in

Best Singers


Maas participated in the fifteenth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2014

, where she finished eleventh.


Singer Do (stage name of Dominique Rijpma van Hulst) broke through almost twenty years ago with different versions of the song


by Bryan Adams.

She released her debut album in 2004.

In 2011, she participated in

Beste Zangers

, which gave her a number 1 hit and a gold record with

He Believes in Mij


She also presented several shows for SBS6.

She competed in the twelfth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2011

, where she finished eleventh.

JayJay Boske

Former rugby player JayJay Boske has been active as a presenter for many years.

Since 2015, he has been tied to RTL, where he presents various sports programs.

He also has his own YouTube channel and for a while he managed singer Famke Louise.

He was


in the seventeenth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2016

, where he was voted fifth to dropout island.

There he lasted until the penultimate episode.

Loek Peters

Loek Peters has appeared as an actor in series such as

A'dam - EVA

and films such as

The real life


He is best known to the general public for his role in the series


and the accompanying film.

Like Anouk Maas, Peters was a participant in the fourteenth season of

Expedition Robinson

, where he was sent home one episode earlier, finishing twelfth.

Loiza Lamers

Loiza Lamers won the

Holland's Next Top Model

program in 2015


Since then she has been working as a model, but she can also regularly be seen as a presenter on Dutch television.

Lamers participated in the nineteenth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2018


She managed to make it to the last six candidates this season.

Rob Geus

Presenter and cook Rob Geus became known in the Netherlands through the program

De Smaakpolitie

, in which he checked restaurants for hygiene for years.

Also his program

Save my vacation!

was shown on SBS6 for seasons.

Geus took part in the twentieth (and most recent) season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2019

, where he dropped out fifth and thus finished sixteenth.

Saar Koningsberger

Saar Koningsberger presented various programs at TMF from 2007 to 2010.

In 2012, she started working at Veronica, where she could also be seen as a presenter.

She competed in the tenth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2011

, where she nearly made it to the end, only to have to leave the program just before the finale.

Wietze the Hunter

Radio DJ Wietze de Jager was a duo with Mattie Valk for years. The two made the

Mattie & Wietze

program for Q-music

. Since 2018, De Jager, who also started working as a presenter of


, can be heard at Radio 538. The radio DJ competed in the sixteenth season of

Expedition Robinson

in 2015

, where he was sent home second, finishing sixteenth.