Employees get depressed and mood swings

The dread of work after returning from vacation.. is not a disease

For many, the mood is turned even more by the feeling of longing to return to the holiday, which is causing them stress.


The thought of going back to work after taking a break can be motivating.

Sometimes a feeling of fear of going back to work creeps into one while on vacation.

Regardless of how comfortable one gets during their vacation time, often all the positive effects seem to disappear in a week or less.

But the good news is that researchers say there are ways to make the holiday feel last a little longer.

But what is "post-holiday syndrome"?

Employees develop post-holiday syndrome when their moods fluctuate right after they return to work, and their performance plummets, too, says Robin Kaufmann, of the German Occupational Health Institute.

Kaufman disagrees with the use of the term "syndrome," saying, "It's not a disease, but a relatively short-term effect."

“People feel physically rested after their vacation, which explains their lower levels of performance, as they have to get used to their workload again,” he says. once again.

This could be a major change.”

At the same time, for many, the mood swings, even more, with a sense of longing to return to the holiday, all of which causes stress that one can feel, like post-holiday depression, according to Kaufman.

How can one prevent this from happening?

Experts say the advice is to make sure the return to work goes as smoothly as possible, which means ensuring that the workload is relatively light on the first day.

This allows one to work through their emails gradually, with as little stress as possible, and make plans for the next few days.

If one is working in shifts, it is essential to ensure that there is plenty of time to allow shift assignments to be handed over.

“Ideally, you should start the process of returning to work, a little early, for example, you can give oneself two to three days, to serve as a transitional period at home while still on vacation,” Kaufman says. "You can then arrive, adjust your sleep rhythm, and go back to work internally."

Another way to get rid of the stress of work is to keep the automatic reply feature via email for a day or two after returning home, so that one does not face a flood of messages that need to be answered on the first day after returning to work.

One has to choose his tasks carefully so that he does not suddenly find himself in a state of stress.

One should also try to combine a degree of relaxation that he obtained during his vacation with his daily life, by taking breaks, chatting with work colleagues while sipping a cup of tea, combining mental exercises and meditation with the daily routine, or from By spending some time just to enjoy the beautiful holiday memories.

big “stop” sign

How about that feeling of dread just thinking about the first day at work after returning from vacation?

If one finds themselves regularly trying to get rid of work thoughts while their vacation is about to end, it may make sense to start planning for their return to work before they go home.

"If someone slips into a cycle of negative thoughts, imagine a big 'stop' sign in front of them, and say to themselves, 'Stop, being upset doesn't do me any good. I'll keep doing what I can do now,'" Kaufman says. ».


• “People feel physically relaxed after their vacation, which explains their lower performance levels upon return.”

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