Chinanews client, Beijing, August 31st (Reporter Zhang Xi) Why do you want to be a firefighter?

Yao Run, a 21-year-old Chongqing firefighter, gave the answer:

  "I like the role of Spider-Man very much. I hope I can become Spider-Man in the rescue and become a hero of the city in the future."

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  In every city, whether it is a critical moment of life or a minor accident in life, you can dial 119. On the other side of the phone, there will always be a group of people who can stand up at any time to protect everyone's safety.

  They can put out fires, save people at high altitudes, and deal with many unimaginable small things.

  For example: grandma can't get up because the child is not around, squatting in the toilet and can't ask for help; the grandpa's mobile phone is taken up into the sky by a bunch of balloons; the lady's hair is tangled in the shoulder and neck massager; the child is stuck in the pot...they can still follow Fishing for people in the ice hole, climbing on the roof to catch cats.

  Recently, the documentary "119 Please Answer" is being aired, and many netizens sigh after watching that the real video record is better than all works of art.

On the one hand, life is too fragile in the face of all accidents; on the other hand, it is not easy for firefighters to dispatch so many police officers every day.

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  The first episode of "119 Please Answer" restored a fire in a high-rise residential building near Chongqing Jiefangbei at 9:30 pm on May 20 this year.

  At that time, the fire started in a small commodity market on the 13th floor. There were also 20 floors of residential buildings upstairs. More than 600 households were trapped in it.

  The smoke billowed, and the firefighters walked as if they closed their eyes. They could only pull on the belts of the front team members to avoid falling apart.

Then knocked on the door layer by layer and knocked on the wall to see if there were any trapped people.

  In the 33-story high-rise building, the firefighters carried 15 kilograms of equipment, up and down repeatedly, taking a breath of water, and then rushing into the thick smoke.

  At 2 o'clock in the morning, the fire was finally extinguished, and none of the residents in the building were injured.

The hearts held by the residents can finally be put down, and the sweating firefighters on the side are already too tired.

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  Compared with open flames, human heart fire is more difficult to extinguish.

  "I want to die when I see my face, and I can't live!" "A girl's face is more important than life..."

  A young internet celebrity failed because of a failed rhinoplasty surgery and could not want to jump off a building in the downtown area. After repeated persuasion by the firefighters, the girl remained unmoved and used scissors to aim at the large artery in her neck.

  Seeing that the danger was about to happen, while the other party was talking to her boyfriend, the firefighters hugged the girl in a thunderous manner, snatched the scissors, and rescued her from the brink of life and death.

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  However, not every rescue went so smoothly.

  Producer Zhu Lexian revealed that when a firefighter arrived on the scene, the opponent had already jumped off the building.

"Watching a living life disappear in front of me, the firefighters are under great pressure."

  In the documentary, there is no lack of such cases that make people sigh.

  In Chongqing, a father and son surnamed Luo were burned all over in the corridor. 70% to 80% of the skin surface of his father, Lao Luo, was burned. He kept shouting "I have a fire in my heart" and "My son is going to die." I".

The cornea of ​​his son Ronaldinho's eyes was burned, and his eyes were blurred.

  It turned out that the accident was caused by the father and son quarreling at the wine table and began to pour each other white wine in a fit of anger. Lao Luo became angry and shouted "If you have the ability, please light me up", and then picked up the lighter. Order both of them.

  Although the firefighters rescued the two at the first time, unfortunately, a few days later, Lao Luo passed away due to a serious infection.

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  Some netizens sighed on the barrage: Don't be swallowed up by the fire, the consequences of impulse simply can't bear.

  Some accidents came by surprise.

  On New Year’s Eve, a couple from Shandong drove a large truck to transport canned food to Harbin, 50 meters away from the unloading point. Due to the slippery road, his wife, Xiao Wang, got off and ordered the car to reverse.

  At this time, another car came oncoming, and when it found someone in front, it braked hard and Xiao Wang, who could not dodge, was stuck in the middle; after a while, a third truck came in front of him, trying to bypass the two cars, but unexpectedly. After rubbing against the second car, three heavy trucks collided in series, and Xiao Wang was stuck.

  The rescue was very difficult. The husband had been squatting beside him, crying anxiously, "Daughter-in-law, don't sleep."

Although the firefighters spent a great deal of effort in the ice and snow to rescue, Xiao Wang died after being sent to the hospital.

Image source: Screenshot of "119 Please Answer"

  Director Wu Zijuan said that for this documentary, he didn't want to sing hymns, but only wanted to show the real life of a firefighter.

"The shooting process is very difficult, and the material is precious, because life is like a drama, you can't imagine it. In real life, everything is embarrassing and unbelievable."

  As stated in the documentary, there are no major or minor issues in social assistance, only the unexpected. "119 please answer" is the answer to every request for help.

  The work is so hard, why do the firefighters insist on it?

  Li Baite, the political instructor of the Jiaochangkou Fire and Rescue Station in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, said that he has gained a strong sense of honor from this profession. Chen Geng, the director of Zhenjiang Fire and Rescue Station in Daowai District, Harbin, also mentioned that this job is very rewarding. Value, "Sometimes the phone really rang in the early hours of the night, especially in winter, when the bed was more than two degrees, and the outside was more than twenty degrees below zero. The moment you went out, you would feel refreshed."

  Yao Run said that after being a firefighter, I felt a lot of energy in my heart. I was especially afraid of when the police would come to the police suddenly, especially when I was eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet, so I kept sweating all the time.

  "I don't want to be a superhero now. It is enough for a firefighter to show up in time when everyone needs it." (End)