The National Press and Publication Administration recently issued the “Notice on Further Strict Management and Effective Prevention of Minors’ Indulging in Online Games”. In response to minors’ excessive use or even indulging in online games, it has further tightened management measures to resolutely prevent minors from indulging in online games. Effectively protect the physical and mental health of minors.

The notice requires strict restrictions on the time to provide online game services to minors. All online game companies can only provide minors with 1 hour of service from 20 to 21:00 every day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays. At other times, it is not allowed to provide online game services to minors in any form; strictly implement the real-name registration and login requirements for online game user accounts, and it is not allowed to provide game services to users who have not registered and logged in in any form; publication management departments at all levels require Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of relevant measures to prevent minors from indulging in online games, and deal with online game companies that have not strictly implemented them in accordance with laws and regulations; actively guide families, schools and other social sectors to co-manage and govern, and perform minors in accordance with the law. Human guardianship responsibility to create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors.

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]