According to Kanye West, record label Universal


his album


without his permission.

Universal also allegedly kept the song

Jail pt 2

with DaBaby off the record without his knowledge.

The rapper announced this via Instagram a few hours after the release on Sunday.


, named after West's late mother, hit the streaming services on Sunday after multiple delays.

The first hours were without the number

Jail pt 2


The rapper posted on Instagram that it was because the DaBaby team had not yet agreed, but that message was later removed and the track appeared.

During the third listening session for the album last Thursday, it turned out that it was no longer JAY-Z, but now DaBaby could be heard on the song



That was a controversial choice, as DaBaby recently came under fire for expressing himself homophobic during a performance.

On the album that came out on Sunday, the version with JAY-Z could be heard again, but later the version by Jail that DaBaby collaborated on was also released.


is West's tenth studio album and the follow-up to the


gospel album

Jesus Is King



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