As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads to the younger generation, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government wants to be vaccinated for university entrance exams and job hunting with a little peace of mind. High school third graders will also be included.

Applicable to third-year high school students, sixth-year junior high and high school integrated education schools, third-year high school students of special schools, etc., who live in Tokyo or attend a school in Tokyo.

The city has been accepting reservations on the Internet since the 30th, and as the infection spreads to the younger generation, we want them to complete the vaccination and take the university entrance exam and job hunting with a little peace of mind.

Among the large-scale inoculation venues established by the capital, the venues are ▽ "Tama General Medical Center Inoculation Vaccine Site" in Fuchu City, ▽ "Tachikawa Kita Vaccination Center" in Tachikawa City, and ▽ "Yukiyuki Underground Vaccination Center" in Chiyoda Ward. , ▽ All four places of "Sanraku Hospital vaccination site" in Chiyoda-ku will be vaccinated with Pfizer.

Since the capital accepts reservations for younger generations aged 16 to 39 at large venues other than these four locations, "Please refrain from making double reservations to avoid wasting vaccines. I am calling.