Mélanie Faure 5:12 p.m., August 30, 2021

In a society where the quest for well-being is in vogue, naturopath Thomas Uhl disentangles truth from falsehood around the practice of fasting.

Invited to the microphone of Mélanie Gomez and Julia Vignali in Bienfait pour vous, the founder of the detox holiday organization La Pensée Sauvage pleads the benefits of food deprivation.


More than ever, the French are making their well-being their priority. If the number of registrations in sports halls continues to climb, other sectors are also on the rise. Guest at the microphone of Mélanie Gomez and Julia Vignali in the program

Bienfait pour vous

on Europe 1 this Monday, naturopath Thomas Uhl pleaded the benefits of fasting on the human body. Founder of La Pensée Sauvage, his organization offers detox stays in France and around the world.

One of the pillars of his program is fasting, which consists of abstaining from all foods for a few days to allow the body to regenerate itself.

"A lot of people come to lose weight, but come away thinking 'I have discovered so many other things, vitality and changes in the hygiene of life'", pleads Thomas Uhl.

Participants lose between 5% to 10% of their weight.


- Fasting: what if we put our intestines to rest?

What are the keys to a successful fast?

It is necessary to prepare beforehand by removing food proteins, animal, dairy products, legumes, stimulants (such as coffee), chocolate and tobacco.

“The last two days, we eat fruits and vegetables,” explains Thomas Uhl.

"When you do this food preparation you start to lose weight and you get a feeling of fullness."

The absence of food is compensated by liquids.

"A human being eliminates about three liters of fluids per day. When you are in the absence of solid food, you have to hydrate yourself, this is important."

A practice that must be supervised

While it is popular with some, fasting is not without risk and must be supervised. “For starters, we can try intermittent fasting, which lasts 16 hours. Am I the type of person who has to eat six times a day? Or conversely, would two meals a day be enough for me? test by removing the breakfast or the evening meal. (…) It is better to be supervised by a guide for the first time. " What are the risks of practicing fasting? "Migraines are one of the manifestations of fasting, especially when you stop consuming coffee," explains the founder of La Pensée Sauvage.

On August 12, a 44-year-old woman died during a fasting course in Noyant-de-Touraine in Indre-et-Loire. A judicial investigation was opened by the public prosecutor of Tours for "manslaughter".