The new season of

Farmer seeks Woman

started on Sunday as the most watched program of the evening.

2.3 million viewers saw the episode in which the participating farmers are introduced.

That is almost 300,000 viewers less than at the start of the previous season.

In 2019, the episode in which the ten farmers were introduced was still good for just under 2.6 million viewers.

Viewers now have until September 12 to send a letter to the farmer of their choice, after which the season continues next year with the five farmers who have received the most letters.

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Expedition Robinson also

starts with a little less viewers


Expedition Robinson

began Sunday on a new season.

The program in which famous Dutch people have to survive on an uninhabited island, this time shot in Croatia, attracted 1.45 million viewers.

That is a fraction less than the previous season in 2019, when 1.6 million people saw the first episode.

In the episode of Sunday evening it was announced that - in addition to the eighteen participants that had already been announced - eight former participants are also returning.

They start an expedition on their own island.

The broadcasts of Thursday evening are aimed at the former participants, while the regular expedition on Sunday evening is the focus.

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in the sign of the murder of Peter R. de Vries

Eva Jinek returned with her talk show


, which was broadcast once on Sundays and focused on the murder of Peter R. de Vries.

The talk show attracted 883,000 viewers.

Top five of Sunday 29 August

  • 1. Farmer is looking for a woman (NPO1) - 2,338,000 viewers

  • 2. NOS News from 8 p.m. (NPO1) - 2,080,000 viewers

  • 3. Studio Sport Eredivisie (NPO1) - 1,851,000 viewers

  • 4. Expedition Robinson (RTL 4) - 1,454,000 viewers

  • 5. Discontinued Grand Prix F1 (Ziggo Sport) - 1,224,000 viewers