On the 30th, Kanagawa Prefecture apologized for repeating obscene acts such as hugging a resident woman and touching her body by a staff member of a prefectural facility that supports domestic violence victims.

According to the prefecture, on the 26th of this month, a female employee spoke to a female employee at a prefectural facility that supports domestic violence victims and women with financial difficulties because the appearance of female residents was strange. I was hugged and touched. "

According to the prefecture's investigation, it was found that a 74-year-old male employee of the facility management organization was suspected of hugging a woman who was eating at the cafeteria and touching her chest.

In response to the interview, the male staff admitted that he was hugging, but said that he only touched his chest, so the facility has suspended this staff from work.

The woman said she had suffered similar damage repeatedly since the beginning of last month, and is considering filing a damage report with the police because she is in a state of needing mental care such as complaining about commuting.

Shuichi Sako, the dormitory manager who manages the facility, said, "I deeply regret the case of abandoning the role of the facility to help women who have been violent or have various problems. I want to do it. "