• If it has not regained the level of 2019, Brittany attracted people this summer and did better than last year.

  • The rotten weather and the introduction of the health pass have certainly not helped tourism professionals.

  • But 73% of them say they are satisfied with their summer season.

Lots of rain, fairly cool temperatures, and a sun that shone through its absence. Like most of the northern half of France, Brittany has had a gloomy, if not rotten, summer. Despite the vagaries of the weather, the summer season was pretty decent in the region, which still remains among the top summer destinations. If the figures still need to be consolidated, we already know that the 2021 season will be better than last year, with attendance up 9% between May and mid-August compared to 2020. The Brittany Regional Tourism Committee however, notes that "attendance for the month of July and the first half of August is down 3% compared to 2020".

The 2021 season also does not return to the level of 2019, where around 57 million tourist overnight stays were made between May and mid-August, a decrease of 13%.

This can be explained in particular by the absence of foreign customers who, although more present than last year (+ 13%), are still sorely lacking.

If the Swiss, the Spaniards, the Belgians and the Americans have made a timid comeback, the British attendance, the first foreign clientele in the region, has fallen again sharply this season.

The practice of cycling penalized by the weather

While waiting for better days, the Breton professionals are rather happy with their season. According to a survey by CRT Bretagne, 73% of them say they are satisfied with tourist attendance so far. If hotels and campsites are full, the results are more contrasted on the side of visiting and leisure activities, which were "slowed down both by the gloomy weather and the implementation of the health pass", specifies the regional tourism committee.

In recent years, cycling has also been penalized by bad weather, with a 7.6% drop in attendance along Brittany's greenways.

After months of closure, restaurateurs were also counting on the summer to replenish the coffers.

However, the introduction of the health pass did not help them, and only 61% of them felt satisfied with their summer.

They are now hoping that the off-season will be good for business and that the good weather will finally be there.


The good tourist record in Hauts-de-France would have been even better without a health pass


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