Why "Rice Circle" Becomes Pandora's Box

  Do data rankings for idols, spend a lot of money to buy peripheral products to raise funds, and to maintain the image of idols among fans... Is it worth it to be crazy like this?" As a group of traffic stars become "meteors", a "rice circle" industry chain that is parallel to ordinary people's life but often interferes with everyone's audiovisual has surfaced, triggering all walks of life in society. highly anticipated.

  On August 26, at the "Mean Circle Cultural Governance" expert seminar hosted by the China Literature and Art Critics Association and the China Federation of Literary and Art Criticism Center, experts and scholars from the fields of literature and art, aesthetics, economics, and sociology used interdisciplinary A multi-dimensional perspective makes a rational analysis and discussion on the generation mechanism, development chaos and effective governance of "fan circle culture".

See clearly the "hand" behind the "rice circle"

  In the era of big data, actors and celebrities are already two professions, and whether it is popular is not necessarily related to the work.

The chaos in the "rice circle" has brought an impact on the entire industry.

  "Rice circle" is no longer a simple relationship between fans and actors.

Zhu Yannan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Development Research Center of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said that behind the chaos in the "rice circle", there are three powers of star brokerage companies, platform institutions, and capital.

  For celebrities and performing arts organizations, the "rice circle" is a symbiotic relationship with them.

Zhang Yiwu, a professor of the Chinese Department of Peking University, believes: "The current'fan circle' has formed a'powerful' group and interest-oriented relationship. Fans can have an influence on what role a celebrity plays. Once there is negative public opinion, fans will do whatever it takes. Defend, create public relations incidents, or even violate the law. At the same time, the profit-making parties surrounding the stars have become more complicated, including many social relations upstream and downstream of the "fan circle" such as companies, "fans", platforms, and capital. "

  Star chasing is not guilty, but the normal alienation of star chasing has changed.

"Originally, there were idols and then fans. What we value is the internal qualities and external achievements of idols, which reflects the consensus of mainstream social values. Under the chaos of the'rice circle' idols are composed of capital, celebrities, fans and other subjects. A “personal setting” constructed together can “produce” what is needed, and sometimes it’s even simple-“face value is justice”,” said Cao Gang, a professor at the School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China. “Today’s rice circle Ethics is the supremacy of "idol", for members only asking for loyalty and not asking for right and wrong."

  "The existence of interest has caused the'rice circle' to become an economic phenomenon, which is the product of content economy, digital economy and market economy." Zhang Yaguang, deputy dean of the School of Economics of Peking University, analyzed it from an economic perspective.

He pointed out that “the endless'rice circle' scandals have also had a huge impact on the social spiritual civilization order, and at the same time,'bad money drives out good money' to make good art works lose attention. Let the'rice circle economy' blindly, disorderly, Chaos or even vulgar and barbaric growth is a huge waste of social resources."

Rescue the teenagers trapped in the "rice ring"

  In a "fanquan" data station recruitment announcement, whether it is the copywriting team, the art team, the management team, or the control review team, it is clearly required that the online time is stable, and individual "work types" are also marked with "daytime online priority". conditions of.

This makes the "rice circle" taste different.

Although there are some "mother fans" and "sister fans" in the "fan circle", it is undoubtedly that the large number of teenagers who are trapped by the "fan circle" are the most concerned and worried about.

  "Under the atmosphere of'krypton gold' created by the traffic star team and'fan heads', various fund-raising responses have emerged, such as irrational impulse rankings, auction-style ticket purchases, unlimited repeated purchases of virtual goods, etc., attracting young people to invest a lot of time And money. Some online platforms also induce fans to borrow to chase stars, which also contains financial credit risks." said Lin Pin, a lecturer at the School of Letters and Literature of Capital Normal University.

  "'Fanquan Culture' presents the characteristics of younger age, communityization, organization, extremeization, and exclusivity." Based on the research situation, Zhang Hongsheng, Executive Dean of the School of Cultural Industry Management of Communication University of China, said, "We should be especially vigilant." Fanquan culture’s negative influence on the values, learning and social interaction of young people not only mislead young people about improper consumption, it may even lead to cyber violence, cyber fraud and juvenile delinquency, etc. The concocting of the “top-level” star-making movement will also induce young people to produce The idea of ​​getting something for nothing".

  The chaos in the "rice circle" is still changing the pattern of youth idol worship.

Deng Xiquan, director of the Youth Research Institute of the China Youth Research Center, said that one of the most obvious characteristics of the "rice circle" now is organization, which will cause group mobilization and group pressure.

"The pressure and constraints of the'rice circle' control the youth, and idolatry has transformed into an organized and long-term behavior, from spiritual investment as the mainstay and economic investment as a supplement to huge investment in both spiritual and economic aspects, which contributes to the healthy growth of young people. Caused a serious impact." Deng Xiquan said.

  Why do so many children fall into the "rice circle" easily?

Peng Feng, director of the Chinese Literature and Art Critics Association and dean of the School of Art at Peking University, believes that this reflects the lack of aesthetic education.

"The traffic star concocted by'fanquan culture' is like a one-size-fits-all product on the production line. It is a fast-food-style'artificial beauty' that does not require aesthetic sensitivity and is easy to consume. If teenagers can get good aesthetic education from an early age, With its own aesthetic standards and sensitivity, it is not easy to be captured by such "artificial beauty"." Peng Feng said.

Collaborative management of chaos in the "rice circle"

  The key to controlling the chaos in the "rice circle" is to understand the mechanism behind it, to correct the pulse, to dig out the lesions, to prescribe prescriptions, and to grasp the core issues.

On August 24, at the China Federation of Literary and Art Workers' Professional Ethics and Work Style Construction Symposium, "Study Morality, Maintaining Uprightness, Standing Upright, and Casting the Soul—A Proposal for Literary and Artistic Workers" was released; on August 27, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China The "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Chaos in the "Rice Circle"" was issued, and 10 measures were specifically formulated, including the cancellation of the star artist list, optimization and adjustment of ranking rules, and strict control of star brokerage companies.

At present, the celebrity lists and CP lists on some online platforms have disappeared from everyone's vision.

  The root causes of the chaos in the "rice circle" can be traced back to various aspects such as capital pursuit of profit, weak supervision, and platform failure. Therefore, its governance requires the interaction of all parties to form a long-term coordination mechanism.

Zhang Haijun, director of the China Literature and Art Critics Association and chairman of the Beijing Performance Industry Association, suggested that the coordination mechanism and overall linkage mechanism of the entire industry such as culture, radio and television, and news should be strengthened, and the supervision of artist institutions, social platforms and content platforms should be strengthened, and strict The industry practice standards give play to the intermediate management role of industry organizations.

  Zhu Yannan especially emphasized that in the process of managing the chaos in the "rice circle", we must clarify several objects: "The objects of our governance are star brokerage companies, cultural and entertainment platform institutions and capital; entertainers are our management objects. For those who touch the law The red line must be held accountable in accordance with the law; fans, especially young people, are the objects of our guidance and education. At the same time, we must continue to meet the diverse, multi-level, and multi-faceted spiritual and cultural needs of the people, and enrich the literary and artistic position with more active and healthy programs ."

  Literary criticism bears the responsibility and mission of value guidance, spiritual guidance, and aesthetic enlightenment.

Xu Yuechun, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Literature and Art Critics Association, proposed that in response to the strange disease of the "rice circle", literature and art critics should "extremely turbulent, praise the good and derogate," dare to express their attitudes to bad phenomena, and use their own expertise and expertise. , Carry out criticism constructively and give full play to the role of intellectual support.

  (Our reporter Li Xiaomeng)