Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which developed the car, took safety measures such as switching some driving to manual driving in the accident where a Japanese representative of the Tokyo Paralympics came into contact with an autonomous driving car in the Olympic Village and was injured. Announced that it will resume operation from the 31st.

On the 26th of this month, the self-driving electric car "e-Palette" developed by Toyota Motor Corporation, which is used to move athletes and tournament officials in the Olympic Village, caused an accident in contact with the athletes representing Japan in the Tokyo Paralympics Judo. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the athlete was injured for two weeks after healed.

After the accident, the car was suspended, but Toyota Motor announced that it had decided to resume operation from 3:00 pm on the 31st after taking safety measures. bottom.

According to the announcement, as a safety measure, when accelerating, decelerating, or stopping the car, in addition to switching to manual driving by the person in charge instead of automatic driving, the volume of the "notification sound" when the car approaches will be raised more than before. is.

In addition to the person in charge of operation, one crew member who visually confirms safety will be placed in the car, and the number of guides assigned at intersections will be increased from 6 to 20.

President Akio Toyoda commented on the company's website, "I pray for the quick recovery of those who have been contacted. We will verify the facts that have occurred at the site and take appropriate measures to ensure safer traffic. I decided that it could be achieved. "