Al-Sabihiya neighborhood honors “Umm Muhammad” for her role in raising generations

“Umm Muhammad” is happy with the humanitarian gesture from Al-Sabihiya Suburb Council.

From the source

The Subaiha Suburb Council in Khorfakkan, one of the councils of the Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs in the Government of Sharjah, honored a senior citizen mother in appreciation of her role in raising generations, and her keenness to raise her children and grandchildren to serve the nation.

The honoring comes in the context of the celebrations the country is witnessing on Emirati Women's Day, and the honoring of the citizen Fatima Rashid Hamdan Al Naqbi (Umm Muhammad), for the community praise she received for her constant communication and sacrifice in order to raise her children on patriotism, self-reliance and success.

The head of the Subaiha suburb council, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Ghawi Al-Naqbi, accompanied by the vice-chairman of the council, Khalfan Saleh Al-Naqbi, and members of the suburb, in the presence of the women’s committee and the social committee in the suburb, honored (Umm Muhammad) as a national model of dedication and giving.

The honoring took place yesterday evening, on an occasion in which the necessary requirements for public prevention were observed, at the suburb’s headquarters in Khor Fakkan. For societal communication.

Muhammad Ahmad Al-Ghawi Al-Naqbi stated that honoring (Umm Muhammad) came in the context of appreciating her efforts, which were reflected in the superiority of her family.

Khalfan Saleh Al Naqbi stressed the importance of this initiative in honoring one of the Emirati women, by nominating the Women’s Committee and the Social Committee, especially that the community is rich in many bids from the daughters of the Emirates in education and care for the family, and their efforts to make the Emirati society based on success in the upbringing of its sons and daughters. .