An older sister of a man in his 40s who died during hospitalization adjustment at his home in Okinawa Prefecture, who was infected with the new coronavirus, told NHK that he would have been saved if he had been properly treated. I talked about my feelings.

The interviewee was the older sister of a man in his 40s who died at home during hospitalization adjustment in Naha City on the 8th of this month.

According to my sister, the man was originally from Osaka, moved to Okinawa prefecture 13 years ago, and lived alone and ran a tavern in Naha city.

The man had symptoms of the new corona on the 27th of last month and was confirmed to be positive by the PCR test on the 5th of this month. I died at home.

The man had a pre-existing diabetes.

My sister was informed by the police that the man had died on the 10th of this month, two days after she was found at home, and she had not been informed that she had been infected with the new corona.

My sister said, "I don't know if I was afraid of rumor damage because I ran a restaurant, or if I didn't want to worry about me. But I couldn't tell anyone and I was scared. I think it would have been hard. I can't do it. I don't think it's possible to leave people infected with the new corona so far. I have received all medical treatment in Okinawa, where the medical system of the new corona is strict. I lived for 10 days without it, so I think I would have been able to receive medical treatment if I was in Osaka, which would have helped me. "

The last time I met the man was the memorial service of my deceased mother on the 49th, and it was June, so my brother said, "I will continue to do business in Okinawa and bury my bones." I think I was in the middle of my ambition. I'm sorry if I wanted various customers to eat delicious food. "

"I think some people don't think they'll get infected with the new corona, and some people don't think they'll infect others. Knowing that corona is involved in your life should give you a little more sense of crisis. I said, "I don't want you to repeat the same thing."

In a bed in a single room

According to a friend who had been close to the man for many years, the man who lived alone died while lying on the bed, while leaving an untouched convenience store lunch.

A few days later, when I entered the man's room, the refrigerator provided only contained salad and tea.

Atsushi Higa, a friend of mine, said, "Maybe I couldn't go shopping. When I called, I was close to my house, so I was able to prepare something and bring it with me, so I'm sorry." I did.

The room is scheduled to be withdrawn on the 5th of next month, so the relics were sent to the older sister of a man living in Osaka.

The man who died did not contact his friends after the onset of the new corona, and Mr. Higa said, "Because he was a kind person, he may not have been careful to contact everyone. Corona I think there are some realities that I can't tell people about, so I think the same thing will happen if you don't register emergency contacts or someone will watch over you. I want you to make it. "

History of death and measures to prevent recurrence

The man had symptoms of the new coronavirus on the 27th of last month and underwent a PCR test on the 4th of this month, eight days later, and was confirmed positive at a medical institution in Naha City on the following 5th.

After receiving a report from the hospital, the prefecture discovered the infection in a man on the 6th.

The health center contacted the man that day to coordinate his hospitalization, but he couldn't connect, and when he called again the next day, he got an answering machine.

On the 8th, a health center employee visited his home, but there was no response, so he visited the police again and was confirmed dead at home.

Normally, if the infected person cannot be contacted for a whole day, the staff of the health center is supposed to visit, but as the infection spreads in Okinawa prefecture on an unprecedented scale, the work of the health center was tight. , The man's home visit came two days later.

In response to this situation in which a man died without being able to contact, Okinawa Prefecture has taken measures to prevent recurrence by confirming emergency contact information other than the person himself / herself for all infected persons.