In the inspection conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority at nuclear power plants, etc. for the purpose of confirming that nuclear material has not been diverted to weapons, there are three personal certificates that are obligatory to carry when entering. It turned out that it was unknown, and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency says that it will thoroughly prevent recurrence.

It is believed that the three lost locations were lost after being handed over or returned by mail due to personnel changes since 2014.

The NRA has deleted all three registrations of the identity certificate, which means that there has been no unauthorized use by a third party so far.

The NRA also announced that the nuclear power plant's counterterrorism department had lost sensitive materials.

It is said that there is no information leakage to the outside because it seems that it was shredded by mistake.

The Nuclear Regulatory Agency says, "We want to make sure that the manual is strictly adhered to and prevent recurrence."