University tuition arrears for the last two years

188 thousand dirhams prevents "Mohammed" from completing his last year in "Dentistry"

The Syrian young man (Mohammed) lived his childhood dreaming of working as a dentist. He focused on his studies since childhood and pursued his dream. He succeeded in obtaining a high school certificate at a rate that would allow him to enroll in a dental college in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. With the same excellence, he passed the first three years of college, and on Despite his father’s severe financial hardship, which prevented him from paying tuition fees, the young man continued to excel, and the college gave him the opportunity to complete his studies in the fourth year and skip it, and he had one year left to graduate, but the accumulated tuition fees amounted to 188,000 dirhams, and his father was unable to pay, and directed him The university issued a warning that tuition fees must be paid, to allow him to complete his last academic year in college, and in the event of non-payment, he will be deprived of his studies.

(Abu Muhammad) appealed to good people to help him pay the tuition fees for (Muhammad), so that he could complete his last year at university.

In detail, (Abu Muhammad, 55, a Syrian), told "Emirates Today" that he came to the country several years ago and works in a private entity in Abu Dhabi, and his children were born and completed their educational journey in state schools.

He added that his eldest son (Mohammed) from a young age dreamed of being a dentist, and he pursued his dream and was one of the excelling in studies, and he finished his secondary education in 2017, with an average of 90% in the scientific department, and researched in several universities, and the choice fell on one of the colleges in the Emirate of Ras The tent, to study dentistry, given that its tuition fees are somewhat acceptable.

(Abu Muhammad) explained that when he chose this university, his financial situation was good, and he was able to pay all the tuition fees for his son, but in the recent period his financial situation worsened, and debts accumulated on his shoulders, so that he was completely unable to pay the tuition fees for (Muhammad). His dream was shattered one step before the end.

He added that (Mohammed) needs to pay 188,000 dirhams, university arrears for the third and fourth years, so that he can complete the last university year, adding that he is completely unable to manage even a small part of this amount, and he feels sad about his son's condition.

(Abu Muhammad) pointed out that his family consists of six members, and he is the only breadwinner for it, and he works in a private entity in Abu Dhabi, with a salary of 13,000 dirhams, and his salary was reduced two years ago, and he has bank installments, and his salary barely meets the requirements of daily life.

He added that he tried to knock on all doors in order to manage the amount in vain, and currently does not know how to get out of this predicament, appealing to the good people to help him in light of the difficult circumstances he is going through, and to help him pay the university fees for his son, so that he can continue with his university studies, and achieve His dream is to get his university degree and become a dentist, and help him with life expenses.


The statements issued by the university, and "Emirates Today" obtained a copy of it, stated that the student (Mohammed) has been registered with the university for four years, and he has accumulated university fees arrears in the third and fourth years, and the university administration demands him to pay 188,000 dirhams, in order to allow him By completing his last academic year in college, and in the event of non-payment, he will be deprived of his studies.