It will rain all over the country today (31st).

In particular, a lot of rain is forecasted mainly in the central region, so you should be more careful. It will rain.

150mm of heavy rain will fall in Seoul as well.

In particular, the southern regions may see a lull in the rain between tonight and tomorrow morning.

There will be strong winds from tonight to tomorrow, so you need to be careful about facility management so that there is no damage.

This morning, Seoul will start at 22 degrees and Daejeon and Cheongju at 21 degrees.

The daytime temperature is expected to stay at 24 degrees in Seoul, 25 degrees in Daejeon and Cheongju, and 28 degrees in Changwon and Busan.

There will be a lot of rain this week through the second half of the week.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)