[Concurrent] Li Guangshi, a Korean foreign teacher of Hunan Institute of Technology

  I am Li Guangshi from Hunan Institute of Technology. I came to Yueyang (Hunan, China) on August 3, 2000. The purpose of my visit was to learn Chinese. All three of our family learned together.

  [Commentary] Speaks fluent Chinese, dresses plainly, and rides a bicycle to work... If you don’t report your home, it’s hard to believe that the 59-year-old university teacher in front of the camera is from South Korea.

If there was no sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, at this time, Li Guangshi was still on the way to visit companies and institutions in China and South Korea, looking for internships and employment opportunities for his students.

  Li Guangshi, who admired China's magnificent rivers and mountains and loved to travel to China, long ago longed for the vast Dongting described in Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Tower".

In 2000, Li Guangshi took his wife and daughter to Hunan for tourism. Once he arrived in Yueyang, he was attracted by the vast smoke waves of Dongting Lake and the long history of Yueyang Tower, and the idea of ​​staying here to learn Chinese was born.

After a friend's introduction and the warm invitation of Hunan Institute of Technology, Li Guangshi and his wife and daughter started their study abroad career in China.

  [Concurrent] Li Guangshi, a Korean foreign teacher of Hunan Institute of Technology

  I have been studying for two years, and the school asked me to teach Korean, so I stopped learning Chinese in 2003, just teaching Korean to students.

  [Explanation] After two years of studying abroad at Hunan Institute of Technology, Li Guangshi's identity ushered in a change. He became the only Korean elective teacher in the school's tourism management major.

With the development of South Korea-China relations and South Korean companies in China, Li Guangshi had an idea-to establish a Korean language major at Hunan Institute of Technology.

  With the strong support of the school, Li Guangshi personally returned to the country for inspection, vigorously introduced a group of key Korean teachers, and contacted the Korean consulate in Wuhan many times for help in selecting books, teaching materials, and materials.

After his unremitting efforts, in 2006, Korean officially became a major in the School of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures of Hunan Institute of Technology.

In addition, Li Guangshi, who always has "teachers and parents' heart," also set up scholarships out of his own pocket and became the first foreign teacher to set up scholarships in Hunan.

  [Concurrent] Li Guangshi, a Korean foreign teacher of Hunan Institute of Technology

  Some students come from the countryside. They study hard, but they are not economically stable.

I discussed with my wife that we should help the students when we stay in this school. How can we help?

Then give scholarships to students.

  [Explanation] Mentioned the original intention of setting up the scholarship, Li Guangshi recalled that this was due to the story of a student who was injured by a motorcycle more than ten years ago.

At that time, the student was seriously injured and required surgery. However, due to his poor family, he had to pay 5,000 yuan in advance for medical expenses.

This incident touched Li Guangshi very deeply. Since then, he has been thinking about what he can do for students besides teaching Korean well.

  After discussing with his wife, in 2006, Li Guangshi and his wife set up the "Light of Hope" scholarship at Hunan Institute of Technology. In addition to the 6,000 yuan donated from his own pocket each year, the school also provides 6,000 yuan. So far, more than 200 students have been funded.

  [Concurrent] Li Guangshi, a Korean foreign teacher of Hunan Institute of Technology

  A student who works in Changsha is a 2002 student. He received a scholarship of 1,000 yuan when he was studying in our school.

He said that at that time, his monthly living expenses were only 300 yuan, and he was very honored and very happy to receive a scholarship of 1,000 yuan.

He is now when I go to Changsha to meet him on May 1st Labor Day, he still remembers.

In fact, the teacher should help the students, but the students still remember me, I have a very sense of accomplishment.

  [Explanation] In addition to teaching and educating people, Li Guangshi has frequently visited major universities in South Korea for 21 years in Hunan to discuss foreign intelligence introduction, students studying abroad, exchanges, and joint teacher training projects.

At present, Hunan Institute of Technology has established friendly cooperative relations with many universities in South Korea.

In addition, Li Guangshi has also served as an interpreter during the Hunan government's visit to South Korea for many times, actively building a bridge between Hunan and South Korea, and won the "Furong Award" of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, and the "Baling Friendship Award" of Yueyang City.

  [Concurrent] Li Guangshi, a Korean foreign teacher of Hunan Institute of Technology

  I still have five or six years of working time in the school, so I hope that our Hunan Institute of Technology (College), our Korean major can develop to be able to recruit graduate students.

In the next few years, I will work harder to develop our profession, which means that the development of our profession is the development of the school. After I retire, I will have a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

(When I retired) I have been in our Hunan Institute of Technology (College) for 27 years. There is no regret.

  Reporter Xu Zhixiong Liu Man reports from Yueyang, Hunan

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]