The prosecution and the defense side have held a three-party discussion in the court regarding the retrial = redoing the trial, which Mr. Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death in the so-called "Hakamada Incident," is seeking, and the change in the color of blood stains, which is the issue. Both sides made a claim.

Iwao Hakamada (85) was sentenced to death in 1966 when four members of his family were killed in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, but he has filed a retrial for innocence.

On the 30th, private discussions between the court, lawyers, and the prosecution were held at the Tokyo High Court, and the defense team held a press conference after the discussion.

At the hearing, the issue was the change in the color of the blood stains on the clothing that was allegedly the criminal's, which was found in the miso tank near the scene about a year after Mr. Hakata was arrested.

According to the lawyers, the prosecution submitted a statement of opinion based on the views of two experts last month, saying, "Only the tank at that time has a pale color, so that the redness of the blood stains will be lost. It is not recognized that the chemical reaction was in progress, "he said, while the defense argued that it was" inconsistent with the contents of the experiments conducted by the prosecution in the past. "

If the lawyers find that the redness disappears after touching the miso for over a year, it means that someone other than Mr. Hakata put the clothes in the tank just before the discovery, and will ask the experts again in the future. , I am going to submit a written opinion.