, August 28. According to the official Weibo news of the Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Management Bureau, the new semester is about to start. Departments collaborate to protect the safety of students’ travel by carrying out a safety inspection of school buses, comprehensively assessing students’ riding conditions, strengthening road surface control, and launching theme publicity and education activities.

  The notice requires that local public security traffic management departments should strengthen cooperation with education administration, transportation, market supervision and other departments, focus on clearing hidden dangers, supervise primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and school bus companies to carry out a safety inspection of school buses, and comprehensively check school buses, drivers and school buses Driving route safety hazards, supervise and promptly clear up traffic violations, traffic accidents and other information, and prohibit unqualified vehicles and personnel from providing school bus services.

Carry out a centralized situation review, comprehensively review the situation of students riding, conduct a traffic safety warning education for the head of the trustee class and the parents of the students who use vehicles to transport students, supervise the strict use of qualified vehicles and personnel to transport students, and prohibit illegal behaviors such as overcrowding and speeding. .

Carry out rectification actions in a concentrated way, strengthen road surface control through the establishment of temporary duty stations, joint inspections, etc., and strictly investigate traffic violations such as overcrowding, speeding, driving not in accordance with the approved route, illegal man-loading by non-passenger vehicles, and improper conduct of school buses by non-passenger vehicles .

Concentrate on publicity and reminders, carry out in-depth publicity and education activities on themes such as "knowing danger and avoiding danger", and teach the "first lesson of school" for traffic safety.

Make full use of various media to widely publicize students' knowledge of walking, cycling, and riding traffic safety and travel knowledge, educate students not to ride on supercars, tricycles, tractors and other illegal vehicles, and guide parents to choose qualified vehicles and qualified drivers to pick up and drop off students.

  Student safety is no small matter. It is the common responsibility and wish of the whole society for students to travel safely.

The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security calls on the public to care about the traffic safety of students. Social vehicles should actively avoid school buses. Teachers should strengthen the education and guidance of students’ traffic safety knowledge. Parents and guardians of students should fulfill their guardian duties. Unqualified vehicles and personnel should not be used to pick up and drop off students and school buses. Drivers must consciously abide by laws and regulations, drive in a safe and civilized manner, and jointly protect students on their way to school.