A first guest who sets the tone for the season.

This Monday, August 30, the evening talk shows, including

Touche pas à mon poste

, will make their comeback.

On C8, Cyril Hanouna's show will launch its thirteenth season with a guest who will be none other than the media and controversial professor Didier Raoult.

A few days before the potential loss of his title of director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection, the microbiologist will grant an interview to the host.

"It's true and it was very important for me to have it on the first", reacted Cyril Hanouna on his Twitter account following this announcement.

The channel, for its part, promises "a live truth interview".

A political year for


This invitation addressed to Didier Raoult testifies to



not at my post

to register more as a current affairs program.

“We will launch

Les flingueurs du PAF

, a new section on current affairs.

Four speakers will give their opinion on photos of the day or Marlène Schiappa's dance.

We should have Fabrice Di Vizio, Yann Moix and Éric Naulleau among eight gunmen, ”Cyril Hanouna testified to our colleagues from the


at the end of last season.

In this presidential election year, the host of C8 also aims to launch a new political program, in prime time, in which he would receive all the candidates for the post of President or President of the Republic.


Cyril Hanouna will present his "vision of France" in a book entitled "What the French told me"


Presidential 2022: Cyril Hanouna wanted to introduce himself "to make a big joke"

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