A modified version of "WhatsApp" enables you to steal money and read conversations

Cyber ​​security experts have warned of a new fraud by applying a modified and unofficial version of WhatsApp capable of hacking private conversations and stealing money, as Middle East N24 reported, citing Express.

A report by Kaspersky cybersecurity experts revealed that the scam gives hackers full access to users' private conversations.

Experts explained that some users are downloading modified versions of the application that are available in online application stores.

These unofficial apps promise to bring new features not found in the original Facebook-owned app, such as the ability to check when contacts were last online, without revealing your presence, reply to messages other users have deleted, and much more.

However, installing these apps can be full of risks that can leave users facing many problems.

Experts pointed out that as soon as those applications are downloaded, the virus begins to launch endless unwanted ads on the mobile screen, and it cannot be turned off.

Users are then signed up for expensive subscription services without their permission, and the whole process is done in an invisible window with the click of the "Subscribe" button automatically.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of the attack, experts emphasized, is that it could also allow all strangers to read and intercept personal chats sent through the app.