T-shirts with the legend


or with the logos of the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines so that you can choose the one that has touched you: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca ... And thus transmit the message that you have been vaccinated and urge others to do so.

From your favorite rock group to feminist phrases or statements of intent, T-shirts have long been used for more than just dressing.

The messages you choose say a lot about you and your mood.

That is why

TezzDesign on Etsy

has created one that is sold in various colors with that message and

Pier Paolo Piccioli

has uploaded a photo to his Instagram account in which he is seen wearing a dark gray sweatshirt in which he has put the logo in red of Valentino -a V-, and below the word 'Vaccinated', making a game with the V of Valentino and the one of the vaccine.

Along with the image, this text:

"Getting vaccinated is not an option. It is a civil responsibility.

You cannot have the freedom to choose to respect others. Freedom must always be protected and for freedom you have to fight: for the freedom of to be yourself, to think, to love, to express your own ideas. The freedom to disrespect others is just another form of escape. And I don't like any form of abuse. "

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And Hollywood stars are also continuing their vaccine campaign.

If at first they took a photo while receiving the puncture and published it on their social networks with messages that encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, now they are fighting for


at work.

The last,

Sharon Stone,

who shone like never before at the age of 63 at the last Cannes Film Festival, and who has uploaded a protest post to her Instagram account: "During the shoot I asked that everyone be vaccinated and they have threatened to exclude me of the project.

Will I continue with my battle until on the sets it is mandatory for workers to be vaccinated? Absolutely yes.

We have to work in safe conditions. And these are not. "

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