Shock in Iraq due to the killing of the "Beauty of Baghdad" Nurzan Al-Shamri

During the past few hours, social networking sites in Iraq were buzzing with the news of the girl's death

Major General Saad Maan, Director of Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior, said in a statement that "since the first moments of receiving the news of the girl's murder, a working group of experts and investigators was formed to find the perpetrators of her murder."

The security official added, "Initial information indicates that the crime was carried out by 3 people with a sharp object (knife)."

So far, the authorities have not issued a forensic report to reveal the circumstances of the crime, but the victim's relatives accused her uncle of killing her after he had previously threatened her for refusing to marry his son, as they claimed.

And Iraqis expressed their shock at the news of the killing of the girl, whose photos spread through social media.