“Cracolandia” or “Crackland” comprises around eight blocks of the historic city center of Sau Paulo.

The area is considered dangerous.

This is where the drug addicts live and dealers huddle around.

The corona pandemic and the ruined economic situation are washing more and more people onto the streets of Brazil.

They need help and mental support.

Flavio Falcone is a psychiatrist, but at first the stranded did not want to speak to him. For many he was a foreign body in the middle of the street. Until he decided to dress up as a clown in order to face the suffering with humor and happiness. “This character is imperfect, it reveals mistakes, it stands for the fragile existence in the shadows. The clown who stumbles makes you laugh, not the one who walks straight ahead, ”says Flavio. 

He's no ordinary carnival clown. Flavio is influenced by the hip hop culture and wears a heavy gold chain and baseball cap to his red nose. Together with the actress Andrea Macera, they use costumes and music to break the ice. During the so-called “Radio Time”, homeless people can ask for music and also rap. He also offers medical advice to those who already trust him.

He has been working in the Cracklands since 2012 and since the government cut their aid, Flavio Falcone has been trying to fill this gap. That gives him confidence among the homeless. One of them is Jailson Antonio de Oliveira. His trust went so far that he even had the word “palhaco”, Portuguese for clown, tattooed on his forearm. Thanks to Flavio's commitment, he now lives in a small apartment with his girlfriend. "Thanks to Flavio Falcone, the clown, I have a better life today, he is my right hand, he helps me with everything."