What if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had decided to cancel their divorce?

It wouldn't be a first among the stars, and that's in any case the question asked by the many fans who watched the show organized to listen to


, the rapper's new studio album.

Ye has indeed recreated certain periods of his life, in particular by reconstructing the house of his childhood in the center of the Soldier Field stadium in Chicago.

During a clever pyrotechnic effect, Kanye West set himself on fire and, once it was extinguished, a woman dressed in a long white wedding dress and a veil joined him.

This person is none other than Kim Kardashian.

Yes, the same one who filed for divorce from the rapper last February.


The show was also broadcast on Apple Music and many viewers asked questions via social media.

"Did he set himself on fire to wash away his sins and become a new man with Kim Kardashian?"

», Asks this tweetos.

"Kim and Kanye are the weirdest divorced couple I've ever seen," writes the other.

"Are Kanye and Kim together again?"

This event is crazy ”, hallucinates this YouTuber.

For others, the case is heard: it's not just a show.

“Ye did


to be able to renew his vows with Kim Kardashian,” says this Internet user.

To be clear, we will still have to wait for a reaction from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who have not yet commented.

And the album?

Well, we are still waiting ... Apple Music has once again changed the release date on its platform, which now displays September 3 ...


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