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After six months without notifying any case of



New Zealand

faces a new


that will confine the country, at least, until last August 31.

Since last Friday, they have detected 70 new cases, amounting to 347 in total.

New Zealand pursues a strategy to eliminate the


in the country through strict border controls and severe lockdowns when local infections are detected.

Thanks to this, they only regret

26 deaths

among their five million inhabitants.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures

: 4,822,320 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

There have been 83,861 deaths with a positive test as of August 25.

  • 779,541 in Andalusia (10,720 dead)

  • 156,803 in Aragon (3,711 dead)

  • 70,028 in Asturias (2,050 dead)

  • 95,188 in the Balearic Islands (911 dead)

  • 91,179 in the Canary Islands (927


  • 44,168 in Cantabria (596 dead)

  • 229,063 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,181 dead)

  • 293,731 in Castilla y León (7,164 dead)

  • 887,826 in Catalonia (15,132 dead)

  • 7,159 in Ceuta (125 dead)

  • 498,376 in the Valencian Community (7,608 dead)

  • 98,905 in Extremadura (1,874 dead)

  • 180,422 in Galicia (2,539 dead)

  • 871,241 in Madrid (15,780 dead)

  • 10,455 in Melilla (101 dead)

  • 136,680 in Murcia (1,676 dead)

  • 80,992 in Navarra (1,218 dead)

  • 251,859 in the Basque Country (4,733 dead)

  • 38,704 in La Rioja (815 dead)


Japan will continue to use vaccines from Spain after detecting a contaminated batch

Japan has so far not registered any health problems in patients inoculated with

Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine

and that are related to the contamination detected in a batch of doses from


, according to the Ministry of Health reported today.

The Japanese authorities affirmed this Friday that they continue to investigate the causes of the presence of impurities observed in 39 vials of



, which led the day before to block 1.63 million doses that were going to be used or had been already inoculated to some patients.

The Japanese Minister of Health, Norihisa Tamura, today asked both


and the Japanese pharmaceutical company that distributes its vaccines in Japan, Takeda, to "take measures so that it does not happen again and to find the cause soon", with a view to " avoid the concern of people who get vaccinated. "

Sources from the same Ministry told Efe that Japan plans to continue counting

on Moderna's supplies from Spain

, the main supplier of the American pharmaceutical vaccine in the Asian country, while the investigation is being carried out on the contaminated vials.


New Zealand maintains its national confinement

The Prime Minister of New Zealand,

Jacinda Ardern

, announced this Friday that she will extend until August 31 the confinement decreed at the national level to contain a rebound in


linked to the arrival of the delta variant.

An outbreak of contagion in Auckland last week ended six months in a row without local infections in this country, one of the few


free places in

the world for a long time.

"We are seeing the beginning of a stagnation of cases (...) Our job is to continue with this hard effort," he said.

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