, August 26. Starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting, specially invited starring Yu Hewei, starring Chen Minghao, Gao Ye, Li Chuanying, Zhang Shu, Li Hongtao, Zhao Jun, Qian Yi, Liu Boxiao, and special starring Yang Chaoyue and Liu Yichang The workplace topic drama "Ideal City" is now on the air.


  The discussion of many realistic issues in the play, such as "Whether the workplace should be divided into right and wrong or pros and cons", and "How realistic is adult love in the end", have aroused heated discussions among the audience.

  In the latest plot, Su Xiao, who has been promoted to the top of the group, is involved in the eye of the storm in the power struggle in the workplace. After losing her boyfriend and the help of Bole, she is plunged into a serious workplace crisis.

She was angry at Zhao Xiankun, the chairman of the board, and only used conditional deals in exchange for the compromise of the various forces, but she did not justify her injustice for the wrongdoing.

  The cruel struggle in the workplace has sparked heated debates about “the workplace should pay more attention to right and wrong or the pros and cons”. Some netizens believe that “the workplace is a place where benefits are exchanged. Profits are naturally the right choice.” Some netizens took Su Xiao’s first direct supervisor, Manager Yu’s workplace phrase, “As a leader, you can take pictures of the table with you, and you should solve the problem first when you do the implementation” to demonstrate the workplace. The dispute between right and wrong and the pros and cons.

  In addition to unreservedly revealing the real dilemma in the workplace, "Ideal City" does not evade the social proposition that "adult love has no fairy tales": Su Xiao's ex-boyfriend Zhou Jun dumped her for the future, and finally talked to his leader Li Xue got married, and plausibly said, "I just thought about a better life, what's wrong."

Huang Lilin and Lin Xiaomin also tried every possible means to match Xia Ming and He Yao, and called such a marriage full of interest binding "the pattern of vision."

  Professional ethics eventually collided with the cruel and cold reality, and the contradictory relationship between love ideals and real interests could not be reconciled. "Ideal City" made a vivid and meticulous copy of the workplace people represented by Su Xiao, whether facing the unspoken rules of the workplace and Individuals stick to the troubles when they are in conflict, or the doubts when they are unable to break through the dilemma, showing the true state of the workplace and humanity.