The head of the Kitakyushu-shi specific dangerous designated crime group "Kudokai", who was sentenced to death for murder and other charges in the case of killing and injuring a total of four citizens, dissatisfied with the judgment of the first instance, Fukuoka High School I appealed to the court.

Satoru Nomura (74), the head of the Kudo-kai, a specific dangerous designated crime group in Kitakyushu, was shot dead by the former union leader of the fishery cooperative in Kitakyushu and the surrounding area from 1998 to 2014. , A former police officer and a nurse were charged with murder and other charges for being involved in an incident in which they were attacked and injured by a pistol or knife.

Defendant Nomura had been acquitted, but on the 24th, the Fukuoka District Court admitted that the top defendant of the organization was involved in all four cases and sentenced him to death.

Defendant Nomura appealed the decision to the Fukuoka High Court by the 26th.

In addition, Fumio Tagami, 65, the number two organization sentenced to life imprisonment, also appealed.

On the other hand, when Defendant Nomura said to the judge after the judgment, "It is not a fair decision. I regret it for the rest of my life," the defendant's lawyer said, "When I interviewed him, he did not intend to threaten him." I was talking. I think it means that I regret my job as a judge. "