Should Business Schools adapt to the new generations' quest for meaning?

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By: Emmanuelle Bastide

51 mins

From HEC to ESSEC, via Skema and Neoma, many business schools transform good students into effective managers.


These future elites will serve companies for ever greater growth and profitability in a market economy.

However, some do not find themselves in this formatting and choose other paths that better meet their aspirations.

Can young people push major business schools to question themselves?

With :

- Maurice Midena

, journalist, past

Audencia Business School

, author of

Enter dreamers, leave managers

(Cahiers Libres - La Découverte)

- Emmanuel Gunther

, graduate of


, co-creator

The French Bastards

, bakery

- Hayatte Maazouza

, 30,



, Impact and Advocacy manager,

P + sitive Planet France.

At the end of the program,

the chronicle of the psychologist Ibrahima Giroux, Parents, children, here and elsewhere

: Tips for not having your teenager on your back.



A weekly meeting to help parents, Ibrahima Giroux is a psychologist at UNICEF in Dakar.


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