Group Red Velvet's member Seulgi, who returned to the 6th mini album, revealed a special story behind the scenes.

Red Velvet members appeared on Naver NOW's '', which was broadcast on the 24th, and told various comeback behind the scenes.

On this day, the members watched the music video together and told various episodes in each scene, and Seulgi caught attention when revealing that "Sooman Lee cut my hair himself."

Seulgi said, "Lee Soo-man visited the music video set and watched the directing." "Lee Soo-man said, 'Seulgi, you should be like this a little bit here, it's pretty, you should have a shadow here, it's pretty' and brought an eyebrow knife." I explained the situation at the time.

Afterwards, Lee Soo-man asked, "Where is the (hair stylist) teacher?" and said that he cut Seulgi's fine hair with an eyebrow knife himself. He gave it to me," he said, expressing satisfaction with Lee Soo-man's styling.

Member Irene, who heard this, also said, "Mr. Lee Soo-man said, 'You're prettier when you look at this side,' and took care of every detail, such as eye treatment." added.

The hair stylist in charge of Red Velvet's styling this time also said in an interview with a media, "I was very impressed by Mr. Lee Soo-man's visit to the music video shooting site, and he did not just tell me how he felt, but pointed out every detail." I did.

Netizens were surprised by reactions such as "I heard that the music video was filmed until dawn, so it's really strange to see such details", "You're good at remnants", "Really Seulgi and that bangs go well together. You definitely have a great sense of humor." I did.

(Photo=Naver NOW '' broadcast screen capture, SM Entertainment)

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