The members of the Rolling Stones paid tribute to the one who made the heart of the group beat since 1963. Charlie Watts died yesterday, "peacefully" in a London hospital.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, who officially joined in 1976, shared their grief.

A sorrow that cannot yet be expressed in words for the singer and guitarist of the group.

Mick Jagger posted a photo of Charlie Watts happy behind his drums.

Keith Richards posted on Instagram a snapshot of his friend's drum kit on a black background with a sign “closed” written on it, without further comment.

The best

Ronnie Wood posted a photo of himself alongside Charlie Watts.

“I love you, dear fellow Gemini.

I will miss you deeply.

You are the best, ”he wrote in the caption.

An image and a comment that he also shared as a story.

The Rolling Stones site has been updated and now only displays one page: a photo of Charlie Watts on a black background, arms crossed, smiling and dressed in his usual class.


"We're gonna miss you man" Tributes fall after Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies

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