China News Service, Hong Kong, August 25 (Reporter Han Xingtong) Huang Liuquan, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, met with the media after attending the fourth national "14th Five-Year Plan" presentation meeting dedicated to young people on the 25th.

He said that during his visit to Hong Kong, he felt that the social consensus of Hong Kong's pursuit of stability and development is accelerating.

  Huang Liuquan said that he has not been in Hong Kong for a long time, but seeing that the market in Hong Kong is in order and the citizens' lives are calm as usual, it makes people feel that after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the improvement of the electoral system, the social order and the rule of law are manifested, and a new social consensus is emerging. Cohesion.

He pointed out that Hong Kong has already started a new process from chaos to governance, from governance to prosperity, and he is full of confidence in Hong Kong's bright future.

  After communicating with civil servants of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, members of the Legislative Council, Hong Kong businessmen and young people in Hong Kong in the past few days, Huang Liuquan also shared three points of his own experience: The new vision of the governance team of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government who dares to act and assumes Formed; Hong Kong loves the country and Hong Kong from all walks of life, and is full of positive energy; Hong Kong's young generation represents Hong Kong's new hope.

He specifically pointed out that “the global development opportunities are in China, and Hong Kong’s development opportunities are in the Mainland.” He said that more Hong Kong youths are willing to give full play to their advantages, and are willing to make good use of the policies and platforms the country provides for Hong Kong youths to develop in the mainland, and devote themselves to The country is under development and construction.

  Huang Liuquan said that during his stay in Hong Kong, he felt the strong desire of Hong Kong society to seek stability and development.

He believes that as long as Hong Kong further consolidates the social consensus of single-minded development, it will be able to achieve better development while integrating into the overall development of the country, and all Hong Kong compatriots will be able to share the great glory of the prosperity of the motherland like the people of the whole country.