About 7,000 hectares of forest burned in the Var the week of August 17th. For the Massif des Maures, an entire ecosystem has been calcined. This nature reserve was home to no less than 250 species of flora and fauna. Bruno Teissier du Cros, expert in defense of forests against fires at the National Forestry Office, this kind of fires happen too frequently for nature to regenerate completely: "To find the forest as it was before the fire and in good health, it will take thirty or even forty years for it to recover, if, and only if, there is no fire returning to the area. "

To know how to act for this forest to regenerate, the authorities must wait to see how the species behave.

But in the majority of cases, human action is not necessary: ​​“We know from experience that it is better to let nature do its work.

She does it very well, so hopefully within three or four years some uninitiated won't be able to tell that a fire has passed.


The force of nature, despite disasters and burns.

Bruno Teissier du Cros travels through the burnt Maures massif, in the video of our partner Brut.


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