Late on the night of August 23, Rong County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, issued the "Notice on the Positive Nucleic Acid Test Results of People Returning to County from Overseas" issued by the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Headquarters in Rong County, Sichuan Province, stating that Rong County found that a person returning to the county from abroad had a positive nucleic acid test result.

  According to reports, the overseas returnee Gong Mou, female, 37 years old, currently lives in Feilicheng Community, Qingyang Street, Rong County.

Gong arrived in Guangzhou by plane from Egypt on July 16, 2021. He was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection on July 19 and was treated in isolation at the Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou.

After the quarantine was lifted, Gong took a plane (flight HU7441) to Chongqing on August 7, and then carpooled back on the same day to return to the home isolation in Feilicheng Community, Qingyang Street, Rongxian County.

The nucleic acid test results were negative on August 9, August 14, and August 21, and the nucleic acid test results were positive on August 23, and the results were later reported to the Zigong City Center for Disease Control and the review results were positive.

  It is reported that the Rongxian County Emergency Response Headquarters for New Coronavirus Pneumonia has initiated emergency response, and on-site management and control, epidemiological investigations, and nucleic acid testing have been fully launched.

At present, 32 samples of 3 family members living together and home environment of Gong have been tested for nucleic acid, and the results are all negative.

Gong's residential area is undergoing a nucleic acid test for all employees.

(Produced by Liu Gang, Wenfeng and Sui Zhiyuan)

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