Expedition Robinson

is back after a year and slowly the names of the participants of the new season have trickled in.

Sieneke, Dennis Schouten and Yuki Kempees are the last names to be added to the list of candidates.

The survival program was shot in Croatia this year and has two episodes a week.

Sieneke (29) - Singer

Sieneke released the song

Wat 'n Ellende

this year

, but is by far best known for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. The singer was chosen by Pierre Cartner

to sing

Ik ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie)

, but did not make the final.

Dennis Schouten (26) - Reporter

Dennis Schouten was seen for years as a reporter at PowNed and was good friends with Wilfred Genee, but because of his participation in

Expedition Robinson

, something seems to have gone wrong.

Strict secrecy is always imposed on the candidates, but Schouten has been said for a long time that he is participating.

Genee is said to have talked past his mouth and that has caused an argument between the two.

Schouten is currently in the news because of the battle he and Jan Roos are waging against Televizier: their

Gossip talk


no longer


a chance of winning.

Yuki Kempees

(33) - DJ

The name Yuki Kempees will not immediately mean something to everyone, but the DJ trio he is part of does: Kris Kross Amsterdam.

Due to the lockdown, the DJ has been able to tour much less and that is probably why there was suddenly room in the agenda for participation in the program.

John de Bever (56) - Singer

Former football player and singer John de Bever is no stranger to survival programs.

The 56-year-old De Bever already participated in

Fort Boyard

in 2014

, but is best known for

You can't get that smile off my face


The song became the anthem of the women's team during the European Women's Football Championship in 2017.

Sterrin Smalbrugge (28) - Ecologist

Snake expert Sterrin Smalbrugge can be seen more and more on television and has written two books.

The ecologist is committed to the conservation of various reptile species and is not unfamiliar with surviving in the wilderness: for her work she can regularly be found in all kinds of rough terrains.

René van Meurs (35) - Comedian

René van Meurs is a stand-up comedian and comedian and won both the jury and the audience award in 2012 at the Cameretten Festival.

Van Meurs has been performing in various large theaters for years and in 2017 he participated as team captain in the

Rare Jongens



Sylvana IJsselmuide (26) - Presenter

The 26-year-old Sylvana IJsselmuide works as a presenter for Dumpert and XITE, among others, and she is also a model.

IJsselmuide is a Formula 1 fan and appears in various programs about motorsport.

In 2020 she was named Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands by


Dyantha Brooks (32), presenter



presenter, Dyantha Brooks normally sits at the desk to let everyone know about famous Netherlands as quickly as possible, but she

had to keep

her participation in

Expedition Robinson

a secret.

To disguise her participation, she told the public that she was going to live in Portugal.

Jasper Demollin (30), television producer

Jasper Demollin is best known for the television program


, in which it can already be seen that he does not


away from a challenge.

The television producer has been a vegetarian since a young age, which can complicate life on a desert island, since people largely live on what is found and captured.

Sandra Ysbrandy (52), television chef

Sandra Ysbrandy, chef at

Life 4 You


Time for MAX,

will no doubt

be looked at if participants want a creative meal on the Croatian island.

The 52-year-old television chef knows how

to put something fresh on the table every day


Kook along with MAX

, but with the small ration that the participants receive at

Expedition Robinson it

becomes a lot more exciting.

Annemiek Koekoek (27), farmer's wife

Her participation in

Farmer seeks Woman

gave Annemiek Koekoek a lot of criticism, but at

Expedition Robinson

she wants to try it again on television.

The farmer's wife was seen as not too sympathetic and ultimately did not find love as a participant in the program.

Farming used to go well in the survival program: Bertie Steur (also from

Farmer seeks Woman

) and Jan Bronninkreef won their seasons.

Defano Holwijn (29), YouTuber

Presenter, YouTuber, actor and rapper Defano Holwijn has been mentioned as a potential candidate for a while.

Normally Holwijn is very active on Instagram, but his account was suddenly filled with old messages.

In addition, his podcast program

Convo was

temporarily taken over by others.

Britte Lagcher (32), actress

Most viewers of

Expedition Robinson

will recognize Britte Lagcher from her role in one of RTL's other success series:

Girl of Pleasure


The actress saw her agenda become a lot emptier due to the corona crisis, because she would actually be seen in the theater with

The letters from Mia


That piece had to be moved to the spring of 2022 due to the restrictions due to the corona pandemic.

Robbert Rodenburg (23), YouTuber

Robbert Rodenburg has been mentioned by fans for a long time as a candidate for the new season of

Expedition Robinson


The YouTuber is known for his interviews in his own series

Open Kaart

and is good friends with former participants such as Anna Nooshin and Rijk Hofman.

Eva van de Wijdeven (36), actress

Actress Eva van de Wijdeven, known for roles in

Dunya and Desie and A'dam &


, tried to prepare, but soon discovered that that wasn't really an option.

"Well, I'll tell you, you can prepare whatever you want, but it doesn't matter, fate decides. Be in the moment, let go of control, adapt, work together; strategies arise in the moment. In short , that's survival!"


This is the third participant of Expedition Robinson

Jan van Halst (52), former football player

Jan van Halst never followed the survival program, but his children insisted that he join when he was asked.

"I often receive invitations to programs and I always turn them down," the former footballer tells NU.nl.


Expedition Robinson

suits me: it's about good preparation, survival, intense collaboration and leadership."

He says he has prepared "maniacally".

"Two months in advance, despite the advice not to do that, I started training extra hard. I hired a personal trainer and organized a training camp. Four days of hard training, during which I only ate a bowl of rice every day. I wanted the hunger pains feel beforehand."

"Because I was so fit physically, I also became mentally fitter. I felt a certain sharpness in my head, like I felt when I was a top football player."

The 52-year-old analyst has three goals: "Don't fly out in the first round, get the amalgamation and be relevant. So: don't join like a gray mouse and get out the back door unnoticed."

Jasmine Sendar (43), actress

Jasmine Sendar broke through as an actress in the soap opera

Gold Coast

in 1999

and later made the switch to

On the way to tomorrow


In 2020, she competed in the VIP version of

First Dates


Stefano Keizers (33), comedian

Stefano Keizers is a comedian and previously participated in

Het Perfecte Plaatje

, in which he came second.

He wasn't immediately excited about joining

Expedition Robinson


"I had always said to myself: this is the only program I will never participate in. I think it is way too intense, way too scary. But the moment they asked me, I immediately got a tickle in my ' tummy and thought, no, you know, this is such a big adventure, I just have to join in."