[Explanation] A magnificent ballroom was held in the Qianhai Development Zone, Shenzhen on the evening of August 21. Despite the teacher's careful guidance, most of the people here are actually novice-level novices.

In fact, these young people are more than 40 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students from Peking University, Sun Yat-sen University, Macau University and other schools. They have just finished their internships in Qianhai Development Zone of Shenzhen for several months. The tutors used a ballroom dance class as a An internship graduation gift for young students.

  [Explanation] Since 2 months ago, the "Qianhai Hong Kong and Macao Youth Recruitment Program Summer Internship" activity brought these dozens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students to Shenzhen Qianhai Development Zone, and the students entered the Qianhai Development Zone according to their majors. During the internship, I walked into this development zone known as the "Special Zone in the Special Zone".

  Many young people have completed their "first experience" of life in Shenzhen during this period.

Huang Liling, a Taiwanese girl, came to the mainland to study alone. She fell in love with the city when she first came to Shenzhen.

  【Concurrent】Taiwan Youth Huang Liling

  Shenzhen gives me the feeling that it is a very dynamic city, very new, but it is new at the same time, but it will not have the indifference of a metropolis. In fact, the people here are very enthusiastic.

  [Explanation] Macau young man Jiang Quanming is now studying at Peking University. This is his first internship in the Mainland. After working for an online company for two months, he has now abandoned his past "stereotypes."

  [Concurrent] Macau Youth Jiang Quanming

  In fact, I myself rarely did internships in mainland companies. I was a bit stereotyped before. Maybe I felt that the development was not so good. But when I came to Tencent for internships, under the organization of Qianhai Administration Bureau for the past two months, There are also visits to different places, which I think is an eye-opener for me.

  [Explanation] The in-depth experience and exchanges during the internship allowed young people to touch the development pulse of the city of Shenzhen and personally feel the real connection between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and themselves.

Cen Mingfeng, who came to Shenzhen to start a business in 2016, was invited to share his entrepreneurial experience with the students. As a native of Hong Kong, and as a young and promising new Shenzhener, this predecessor who went to the north to start a business presented himself to the younger generations. Suggestions.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Youth Cen Mingfeng

  Many management methods and management methods of Shenzhen enterprises are very cutting-edge and front-end. That is especially true for students who have such a good starting point. They learn the best content and management experience in the enterprise, and don’t think they are an international metropolis. Those who come out should study more modestly, after all, they are still young people.

  [Explanation] There was also Wu Qirui from the University of Macau. She had only accompanied friends to attend the event that day. She did not participate in this internship. Now she has regretted it.

  [Concurrent] Macau Youth Wu Qirui

  Actually I regret it, because I feel that my friends here also know a lot of outstanding people and have learned a lot, so I hope I can participate in this project next time.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, the Qianhai Administration has so far received more than 1,400 resumes from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youths, and has promoted 759 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youths to come to Qianhai for employment and internship. Among them, 60 Hong Kong and Macao youths have been employed in Qianhai enterprises.

  Jiang Quanming said that now he would recommend the mainland to his friends in Macau and encourage them to visit more.

In the future, his career choices will also focus on Shenzhen.

  [Concurrent] Macau Youth Jiang Quanming

  Now the development of the whole mainland, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is really very good. If you have the opportunity, you must experience it yourself. I will tell my friends that some of the stereotypes that we have thought of many times are wrong. In recent years The development is really fast.

  I would also consider developing in cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and I would think of developing in Shenzhen.

  [Concurrent] Huang Liling Taiwan Youth

  I feel that while I am still young, the support given to me by my family is enough, so I want to experience life in a different city, and then see if I can break out of my own world.

  Reporter Wang Qingran and Yuan Yue report from Shenzhen

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]